En-Valve™, the Smart PCV Valve

En-Ovation Technology, Inc

The Smart Valve, En-Valve, was made to replace the PCV valve that has been used on car and truck engines since 1958. The PCV valve is used to lessen air pollution as well as help keep the engine oil and engine interior cleaner. It plays a big part in controlling exhaust emissions.

Each OEM or after market PCV valve has a different size orifice that allows a certain volume of gases to go through it and the size is determined by engine cubic inch of displacement—CID. But only when it is new. After the engine wears, and blowby increases, the PCV valve can no longer do its job.

It's like buying a suit for a 10 year old boy and expecting him to wear it until he is 14.

But no one knew that there was a flaw in this outdated valve. After a few years, the engine smoked a little, oil spewed from one or many places. So what? That is normal. But now we know it's not normal, because the Smart En-Valve is available.

We make this reliable device at En-Ovation Technology, Inc. It has been tested for years since 1989 and has gone through every conceivable test since then. Scores of local vehicles have been monitored for years. Some of our valves have over 200K miles on them and they still perform as they should. Thousands have been sold since 1997 with no claims for a refund.