En-Valve, the Smart PCV Valve, Testimonials

I have put on 2,000 miles since installing the valve. The engine now has about 145,000 miles on it. The oil leakage has all but stopped. No more puddles on the garage floor and all over the bottom of my street rod.
—Richard B.

Please let me state that the En-valve has far exceeded my expectations and has performed flawlessly. En-Valve does everything you said it would do.
—Paul M.

It put this device on my 1985 Chrysler 318 motor in less than 5 minutes. This auto has over 251,000 original miles and the motor has never been opened or overhauled. This engine had a rear oil seal leak and would do about 400 miles to a quart of oil at 65 MPH. After changing oil filter and air filter, I recorded the mileage and drove the car as usual. After the first day, I noticed the rear seal stopped leaking and after 4 weeks of driving I had gone over 1,800 miles and my dipstick was still over a quarter above add. Not only that my air cleaner is not oily and dirty from blowby not picked up by regular PCV valves as was the case before. I am very pleased with the results and plan to put an En-Valve on my restored 1958 Cadillac.
—Rudy Z

I am a user of the En-Valve. It has completely stopped my blowby and I have noticed other positive side effects. I use this on a 1987 Olds Cierra, about 153,000+ miles. I am totally impressed and satisfied. So I am a believer.
—Jim B.

In May, 1997, I installed an En-Valve on our 1973 Chevy van, with 350 engine. We have driven 40,000 miles since then and have had no oil leaks in the engine. Have had 4 smog tests and all have checked below normal. We are very satisfied with the En-Valve and are getting ready to install our second one.
—Bill C.

I read about your product and was very hesitant. I have a 1958 Oldsmobile which I purchased new in 1958 and I always had blowby, which was natural for old cars. Through the years when they did away with this system, my car looked like it was on fire, ready to blow up. Until I read about your product and I used it. It installed in 10 minutes and now I have a brand new motor with no smoke and no oil drops and a cooler running engine. I am the happiest guy in the world. I can't believe this simple device could take care of this terrible problem.
—John M.

As I have told you on the phone, I have installed the En-Valve on my '74 pickup and am very satisfied.

I wanted to explain to you just how well your replacement valve work for my engine. You see, I am not running a stock engine in my Chevy van. Approximately one year ago I had to rebuild the engine. Well, I used the vehicle for towing and hauling quite a bit, so I performed the following changes to my engine. Among other improvements, I installed a 272 Competition Camshaft and other parts as a kit, a Torker II intake manifold, and Edelbrock 650 carb. After I had finished the vehicle and had broken in the 500 miles on the engine, it was time for new tags. I installed your device and drove to the Colorado state emission testing facility and the vehicle passed with plying colors and no one could understand how it passed. I was even asked if they could check it on another machine. I said no problem. After the second test run, they gave me my emission slip. Please find attached the copy of the emission results.
—Tony A.

The only excuse for not using the En-Valve is not knowing about it.
—Paul M.

I had the Ford dealership, tire and service and garage, work on this auto only to fail the emission test after spending $661.46. The En-Valve corrected the emission reading from 38.9288 down to 1.099 I am allowed for this year 25.00. En-Valve has saved me the need to sell my automobile and the cost of purchasing a new or used one. Thank you.
—Donald T.

Comments: Since installing an En-Valve in my 1988 2.9L Ford Bronco II, I have noticed many pleasant changes. 1: No more oil on the back of my truck after long drives at highway speed due to small gasket leaks. 2: An increase in fuel mileage. 3: An increase in intake manifold vacuum. 4: Automatic transmission shifts smoother due to vacuum increase. 5: Better acceleration.
—Michael W.

The En-Valve has solved the problem I had before it was installed. It is working like a charm. 1) The oil leaks have miraculously all stopped. 2) The air filter is no longer being contaminated with oil. 3) The oil that was continually leaking onto the valve cover has stopped also. On the Jeep Cherokee, the problem was the factory PCV system was not really a functional design. The En-Valve solved that design problem and the crankcase is now well ventilated.
—Jim S.

The En-Valve was the best thing I bought. My Mercedes would blow smoke out of the back like a train. When I put the En-Valve on, no smoke. No bad looks. Just great. Thanks for being so smart.
—Paul A.