Oil Tests Analysis

These oil analysis tests have been performed by Cleveland Test Labs, Spectro-Chem Division in Phoenix, AZ.

Left Pic, With En-Valve:
78 Chev, 350 CI, with 136K miles, 6,299 miles on oil. En-Valve on second year.
Iron=24, Chrome=1, Lead=10, Copper=13, Alum=5, Silicon=25
Right Pic, Test 1 without En-Valve:
350 CI, with 78K miles, 3,200 miles on oil. Tests 2 and 3 with En-Valve.
#1 Iron=210, Chrome=8, Lead=97, Copper=99, Alum=24, Silicon=45
Readings After En-Valve (Average):
Iron=71, Chrome=3.5, Lead=45.5, Copper=128, Alum=11.5, Silicon=25


Test Exhaust Emissions

1993 Chevrolet when new HC: 0.50 CO: 9.0 NOX: 1.0
1993 Chevrolet with En-Valve HC: 0.198 CO: 4.824 NOX: 0.586
1994 Honda when new HC: 0.25 CO: 3.4 NOX: 0.4
1994 Honda with En-Valve HC: 0.112 CO: 1.680 NOX: 0.180

1993 Chevrolet at 55K miles with En-Valve is 41% less than when it was new.
1994 Honda at 47K miles with En-Valve is 49% less than when it was new.

CVS-75 FTP tests by Environmental Testing Corp., Orange, CA